Monday, May 28, 2018

Victorian Alameda

5/19/18 Alameda 

I’m back from a week in northern California! The main event of our trip south was to visit Yosemite National Park, but we began with a couple of days in the San Francisco Bay Area visiting family and friends. Thanks to a recommendation from Berkeley sketcher Cathy McAuliffe, we discovered a place to stay that was completely new to us: the island town of Alameda just south of Oakland.

5/19/18 Alameda
Known for its Victorian architecture, Alameda is a sketcher and photographer’s dream. While Greg snapped away, Cathy and I sketched several colorful and intricately detailed houses. Walking around a neighborhood that was particularly rich in historic buildings, we had difficulty choosing from all the eye candy, no matter which way we turned. (Although I hadn’t planned this at all, my current series of Maple Leaf architectural sketches turned out to be ideal practice for Alameda. If I hadn’t done all those houses in my own ‘hood recently, I think I would have been much more intimidated by the Victorians and would have had a harder time getting started.)

On our last morning before packing up for Yosemite, I sketched an oddly pruned tree right outside our Airbnb house that had caught my eye the first moment I spotted it. Although no utility wires were in sight, it looked like it had been cut away for some.

Many thanks to Cathy for sketching with me and giving us a grand tour of Alameda!

5/19/18 Alameda Theatre in downtown Alameda
5/20/18 Not Victorian, but still a very cool house!
5/21/18 An interesting tree near our Airbnb house

Happy sketchers in a dream neighborhood! (Photo by Greg)


  1. Love the houses and the theatre too!!! Nice work!

    1. Thanks! I could have sketched in that neighborhood for weeks and weeks and never run out of houses to draw!! So much fun!


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