Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Historic San Jose

5/20/18 vintage streetcar at San Jose History Park

The day after sketching with Cathy in Alameda, we drove down to San Jose to catch Suhita Shirodkar’s exhibit, “Sign of the Times.” On view the rest of the year at San Jose History Park, the show is a collection of sketches of the city’s vintage signage, 30 percent of which have been taken down since Suhita sketched them. It’s a remarkable documentation of rapidly disappearing local history.

5/20/18 Uma and Suhita
Luckily for me, Suhita got away from her busy schedule and logistical complications long enough to sketch with me for an all-too-brief time. Uma Kelkar joined us at History Park’s ice cream shop, where we all scarfed down sundaes as we chatted and sketched (they both painted out the window while I sketched them).

After Suhita and Uma had to go, I sketched an old streetcar that still runs through the park. I wished I had time to sketch more of History Park’s vintage and recreated artifacts, but it was time to go visit with family.

Suhita's show, "Sign of the Times" (photo by Uma)

Uma, Tina and Suhita (photo by Greg)

Suhita, Greg and Tina (photo by Uma)

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