Friday, December 22, 2017

Sketching on Autopilot

12/20/17 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Yesterday in my review of Virginia Hein’s book on landscape sketching, I mentioned that she offers ideas and tips for pulling yourself out of a rut. I wasn’t consciously feeling like I was in a rut, but as I started blocking out this sketch, I realized I was: Whenever I sketch a traffic circle, invariably I choose a portrait format because, you know, trees are usually taller than they are wide. But the tops of these trees weren’t nearly as interesting as the long shadows they cast – why not turn the page to a landscape format? A very simple change – hardly even an “idea” – but sometimes I need to read something in a book to stop myself from sketching on autopilot. 


  1. Sometimes we do sketch on autopilot. That's why sometimes I like using a square sketchbook because it gives things a different look.

    1. Square -- that's a great idea, too! I used one years ago -- I should give that a try again.

  2. Good reminder to look at the shadows too!


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