Monday, December 4, 2017

Jammin’, Part 2: Unwitting Models

12/2/17 Drawing Jam participants

Instructor giving a demo.
I had so much fun at Drawing Jam sketching the excellent models that I didn’t spend as much time looking for unwitting models – the other participants, instructors giving demos, musicians, and other live entertainment in every studio. But sometimes when I finished a drawing early and didn’t want to keep picking at it until the model’s time was up, I’d draw the other participants instead. 

Once I had an ideal situation: An instructor was giving a demo of portrait painting just behind me. Whenever the models took their five-minute breaks, I would turn my chair around to sketch the instructor. When the models were back, I’d turn back around again. I sketched the instructor a few minutes at a time over the course of an hour, and his pose was nearly as motionless as the models’!

Boots to the Moon performing for Jam participants.

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