Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bonus Washer

9/11/17 Wedgwood neighborhood

About a block or so from the post office, I spotted not one but two couches apparently discarded from the same home – and a bonus washer (no dryer)! The couch in the background was a cushy turquoise leather similar to the dark blue one I sketched a couple of months ago (which was also a two-fer day). Like the other one, this one seemed to be in good condition. The Southwest-patterned one in the foreground, however, was a bit threadbare, and the cushion tossed out on the sidewalk had stuffing spilling out. 

Then on my drive home, I spotted an office chair and, a few blocks later, a bookcase. (With a little patience, one could furnish an entire home in the Late Urban American style.) Open season on urban furniture sketching is almost over, so I was tempted to pull over. But I had to remind myself to stick to the theme. I have to admit, it’s been a great urban couch season – nine since June! Its going to be a tough record to beat next year.

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