Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dinner and Show

7/13/17 ink, colored pencils
One of my favorite things to do on a warm summer evening is have dinner at a farmers market, and the best one for that is in the Queen Anne neighborhood. It has plenty of space for community seating, and a tent is set up for musicians and other buskers to entertain diners.

Last Thursday Greg and I picked up fresh produce and then circled around to all the food vendors for our dinner. We both ended up at Mystery Bay Seafood, which makes the most delicious grilled salmon sandwich ever. I knew this because I had the same sandwich a year ago when I sketched the vendor making it. Then we settled in to dine, enjoying the folk music of the duo I sketched (and with the sign there to remind me, I certainly remembered to tip them afterwards). 

When I looked back at last year’s blog post, I was reminded that summer was just barely getting started in mid-July. This year we’ve already enjoyed a month of consecutive sunny, rainless days with temps mostly in the 70s. After last winter’s record rainfall, I feel I’ve earned the right to gloat! We haven’t had a summer like this in many years.


  1. Maybe because you have a season for produce that lasts longer than here in NY your farmer's markets are bigger than ours. If our local markets have 10 vendors it is a lot. We can't dine there and there sadly isn't music either. I'm jealous!

  2. I remember not having much rain since April last year. Not very warm till July though. Summer in Seattle is the best.


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