Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Two-fer

7/2/17 inks, Tombow marker, water-soluble colored pencils

My friend Tony e-mailed me with the location of an urban couch he spotted in a nearby neighborhood. In fact, he said, there were two couches, and his attached photo showed other random furniture, too.

I got over there as soon as I could. Indeed, two couches were stacked against each other, and a few chairs and a table were less neatly arranged than his photo from the previous day had shown. Perhaps some passers-by had been checking out how comfortable they were. The “FREE” sign was now knocked over.

As I sketched, I saw that the dark blue leather sofa was still in very good condition and much newer looking than our own 25-year-old couch at home. (Hmmm. . . did I know anyone with a pickup?) Though perhaps outdated, it still seemed like a perfectly good piece of furniture. If it were mine, I’d use it for a couple more decades (obviously). 

Oh, well. I guess it’s the American way. Happy July 4th to my U.S. readers (and anyone else who likes fireworks)!

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