Friday, July 21, 2017


7/18/17 ink, water-soluble colored pencils, Tombow marker

“Look: There’s a Batmobile parked outside.”

Getting ready for bed, Greg was closing the blinds when he saw it. Parked in front of our neighbors’ house was, indeed, a Batmobile. (They don’t own a car.) It had appeared mysteriously in the night. I suspected that it would be gone by morning.

Luckily for me, it was still there in the daylight: a ‘60s vintage Lincoln Continental. Its once dark-green finish was so old that it was now matte instead of shiny, and the hood had a center panel that might have been a different color at one point but was now mostly rust. The rear-view mirror was a creative DIY repair job.

The plates were current, and peeking into the windows, I saw no signs of long-term residence. I’m guessing it will disappear into the night sometime soon as mysteriously as it had appeared. 

(Once again I channeled my inner Flaf for this sketch.)


  1. I'm surprised you didn't go out and sketch it under a street lamp. lol Great job!

    Saw a couch along the side of a road today & thought of you.

  2. What Joan wrote! Good sketch of a unique car. I saw a fully restored, shiny, black one while driving in Renton! I guess maybe I could have followed it!

  3. Thanks, Joan and Kate! The Batmobile is still out there. . . Greg is going to call it in as abandoned. I think it adds character to our street!


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