Sunday, June 11, 2017

New Moo and Stickers, Too

Moo cards and stickers, too!

One tradition of the Urban Sketchers Symposium is for participants to bring small cards to exchange with other sketchers. Like business cards, they have contact information on one side and a sketch printed on the other. It’s a fun way to remember people and stay in touch long after the symposium is over.

For the first two symposiums I attended, I printed my own cards at home, which was enjoyable as well as inexpensive, but I didn’t like all the cutting. Last year I finally got some Moo cards made. Popular with urban sketchers and other artists, Moo is an online company that prints small cards, but unlike some printers, Moo allows you to print as many images as you want on an order of cards for the same price as printing the same image on all the cards.

I found that many of my sketches don’t fit the long, skinny format of the 2 ¾-by-1-inch mini card that is especially popular, so this year I got traditional size business cards instead. (Last year I got a batch of the larger size for non-symposium purposes, and I used almost all of them. They’re fun to hand out to people I meet when I’m sketching in public who ask about Urban Sketchers.)

Then on a whim (and good upselling by Moo, which made it very easy to add to my order), I sprang for stickers, too. It was even more challenging finding images that fit the 1-inch square format, but who can resist stickers! (However, they aren’t very well made – the perforation isn’t complete, so it’s hard to peel the backing off.) You can see the book of stickers near the center of my photo. 

After three symposiums, I have a nice stack of cards I’ve traded with others. I’m looking forward to adding to the stack in Chicago next month!


  1. Crazy question . . . . but what do you use the stickers for??

    1. I put them on envelopes when I send greeting cards, decorate notebook covers. . . stuff like that! Just for fun. :-)


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