Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 2 of #oneweek100people2017

3/7/17 brush pen
Yesterday I was short on time, so I sped through my first 28 sketches of people in 50 minutes with the objective of simply getting as many done as possible. On day 2 of the #oneweek100people2017 challenge, my time was more flexible, so I went to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Zoka Coffee.

I made almost the same number today – 24 – but I took more time, not so much on individual sketches but on thinking about the whole small page spread as a composition (similar to the pocket sketchbook vignettes Gabi taught in his workshop a few weeks ago). I didn’t always follow his suggestion for including a small, a medium and a large image to compose the page, but three images often worked well together on a spread.
3/7/17 brush pen, colored pencil

I’m having so much fun with these! The simple materials I’ve chosen for this challenge – a small Field Notes Sweet Tooth notebook with yellow paper and a brush pen with occasional colored pencil highlights – are working out just right. Instead of feeling pressured by the challenge, I’m feeling liberated: I’m simply meeting the project goal of making 100 people sketches and my personal goal of using as few marks as possible to evoke a real person. Although my results are not much different from the type of coffee shop sketches that I usually do, the narrow focus and limited materials paradoxically feel open and loose. I dont have to waffle about any choices  I just sit down and sketch.

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  1. These are nice! I think it helps to narrow down the choice of materials. It made it much easier for me.


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