Thursday, March 9, 2017

33 at Life Drawing for #oneweek100people2017

3/9/17 brush pen, rainbow pencils (20-min. pose)
Since I didn’t do any sketches at all yesterday for #oneweek100people2017, I knew I had to get on the ball today. Too lazy to go looking for people, I took the easy route: I went to a life drawing session at Gage! With 33 more sketches under my belt, that brings my total to 85. One more day to go – it’ll be a piece of cake! (To see a collage of all of today’s sketches, see my Instagram account.)

How are you doing on the challenge? Are you having so much fun you’ll be sad to see it end? Or are you happy it’s almost over?

3/9/17 brush pens (2-min. poses)

3/9/17 brush pens (5-min. poses)


  1. Nice life drawing sketches! I had a good time doing the challenge and got so into it today that I finished the rest of the 100 all in one spot.

    1. Congrats for getting done early! It's been a really fun project so far.


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