Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Luna Park Café

2/14/17 brush pen, ink, water-soluble colored pencils
A few weeks ago after sketching at the Nucor Steel Plant, a few of us ended up at Luna Park Café for lunch. It’s a funky old place in West Seattle full of fun décor from the ‘50s and ‘60s. It’s named for an amusement park that operated for a short time at the turn of the previous century (and the parks name was apparently inspired by Coney Island’s Luna Park). Vintage photos of the park and area hang throughout the café.

Greg had an appointment in West Seattle yesterday morning, so he dropped me off at the café first. While I nibbled on a cinnamon roll, I sketched a booth with a huge blue guitar above it. I was thinking about sketching the tiny juke box at my table (each booth has one) when Greg finished his appointment and joined me for brunch. I left the juke box for next time – I’m sure I’ll be returning to the fun.

A tiny juke box at every booth.
Vintage posters and lunch boxes are part of the fun decor.

Yeah, I ordered a whole breakfast after scarfing down half a cinnamon roll! Uff.
Look at Greg's egg and hash brown concoction smothered in Hollandaise!

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  1. Places like that have such wonderful sketching opportunities...and good food too!


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