Monday, February 6, 2017

It’s Selfie Season Again

2/5/17 rainbow pencils
The dead of winter seems to be my time for self-portraits. The weather keeps me indoors, of course, and the dark, dreary days seem to invite introspection. If I have been feeling cocky for any reason, self-portraiture is an excellent way to take myself down a notch or two. Nothing is quite as humbling.

Greg said I look too serious (and therefore not myself) in the ones I did on Saturday (below), so yesterday I tried to look less serious when I made the one in blue and orange rainbow pencils. I started out smiling in the mirror, but as soon as I focused on drawing, my smile faded. I don’t mean to look so somber, but it’s difficult to be both model and sketcher simultaneously!

My urban sketcher friend Ed Harker (who showed us a delightful time when we visited him in Bath last summer) does selfies frequently, capturing himself in a variety of expressions. 

2/4/17 brush pen
2/4/17 graphite, colored pencil

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