Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Graphite Time of Year

12/25/16 graphite

We had a white Christmas in Seattle – but not from snow. All morning the landscape was hidden behind a thick veil of fog. I’m hardly ever inspired to sketch from my front window because the rooftops and trees are so familiar to me, but the fog gave everything a layer of mystery.

12/26/16 graphite
Yesterday morning wasn’t quite as foggy, but the overcast sky was gray and foreboding, and the air wrapped around me like a cold wet towel. Coming home after an errand, I drove through the Ravenna neighborhood and spotted these Chinese pinwheel palms that gave me the perception of warmth.

Graphite seems made for this dark and colorless time of year.


  1. The graphite works well for the look of fog. These are nice!!

    1. Thanks, Joan! I figured this was a good time of year to experiment with gray graphite!


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