Saturday, August 20, 2016


8/18/16 brush pen, colored pencils

As a “cool down” from all the sketching of amazing architecture and scenery I enjoyed in the UK, I’ve been taking casual sketch-abouts in my own neighborhood since I returned. No matter how much I enjoy the challenge of sketching exotic sites, I have just as much fun sketching the mundane on my own block.

8/16/16 brush pen, ink, colored pencils
Like all the diggers that seem to be appearing suddenly! One day I was walking on Northeast 80th, and I spotted two of them in one yard, sitting near the piles of dirt they were apparently digging. A couple days later on Northeast 84th I spotted another one doing the same thing. In both cases, they were idle, waiting for the next thing to do. As a prior “victim” of lengthy home-improvement projects, I sympathized with the owners, who are probably eager to get on with their projects.

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  1. It is fun to sketch from somewhere else,but just as rewarding to sketch locally. Nice!


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