Saturday, August 13, 2016

Home Again

8/12/16 Cretacolor water-soluble graphite pencil, colored pencil, ink

No matter how much I love to travel (and I certainly do), I love coming home even more. Being away for nearly three weeks always makes me appreciate the simple things I take for granted otherwise – my pillow, my washcloth, my ordinary routines.

8/12/16 Cretacolor water-soluble graphite pencil
Flying in from London Thursday afternoon, I was so exhausted that I didn’t think I would make it to Friday morning’s Urban Sketchers outing at Lake Union Park, but after a solid night of sleep, I felt almost human again. Massive laundry and heaps of accumulated mail be damned! I decided that nothing would make me feel more at home than joining my friends at Lake Union on that gorgeous, blue-sky morning.

And that blue sky? That’s another thing I won’t take for granted. After mostly cloudy and overcast skies throughout the UK (not to mention plenty of rain in Manchester and Wales), I’m more certain than ever that at this time of year, no place on earth is as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest.

Home, sweet home.

(Full USk Symposium and UK travel report forthcoming! Stay tuned.)

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  1. Welcome home!!! I think going out to sketch with everyone makes you feel more like you're back. You can do laundry any time. lol Love the geese...well shaded.


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