Saturday, May 2, 2015

Freighthouse and Tacoma Dome Station

5/2/15 Sailor Doyou and other inks, Caran D'Ache Museum
water-soluble colored pencils, Canson XL 140 lb. paper
Freighthouse Square (also known as Freighthouse Station Market Place), a collection of eclectic shops, galleries and cafes, was the meeting place this morning for Urban Sketchers Tacoma. Since the day turned out as sunny as promised, I opted to sketch outside the Freighthouse, which is just across the street from Sound Transit’s Tacoma Dome Station.

I started my first sketch of a train that had just pulled into the station, but of course, it left after a minute or two. But I’m an expeditious sketcher, so while I waited for the next train to come along, I turned a few degrees counter-clockwise to sketch Kate sketching beneath a tree and tall lamp post. Each time another train came along, I added a few more lines to the first sketch. It took about five trains before I could finish.

Some sketchers met for lunch at the Olive Branch Café inside Freighthouse Square. It’s a delightful space appointed with beautiful antiques, including a vast collection of teacups and teapots that Liz Steel would approve of! In the true Urban Sketchers manner, Frances, Beverly and I sketched our table and surroundings as we chatted and waited for our food (the Olive Branch’s “leisurely” service facilitated multiple sketches). As hungry as I was, I sympathized with the young girl who was bored, impatient and restless in a chair that was several sizes too large for her. Well, I can’t say I was bored; sketchers are never bored. Just hungry!  

5/2/15 Diamine Midnight and other inks, Museum pencils

5/2/15 Platinum Carbon and other inks, Museum pencil

5/2/15 Sailor Doyou ink, Museum pencil


  1. Great sketches from your day! I really like the table setting...yes, Liz would be proud. lol The story about sketching the train made me smile. I did the same thing with a carousel horse once...and they don't always stop right in front of you again. Looks like a productive day...glad you had nice weather.

  2. Great sketches, Tina! And look, you already have a nearby tree so it's not too late to catch up with EDIM2015. You probably have travel sketches planned, but I am so curious about your favorite food and how you would interpret "curtains"!


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