Tuesday, February 17, 2015


2/17/15 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor Fabriano Studio 140 lb. hot press paper
The cherry (plum?) tree in front of the library is beginning to blossom! I discovered last year that this particular tree is among the first to bloom in my ‘hood, so I was planning to watch for it, but I wasn’t expecting to see it this early. This isn’t my favorite composition – that ugly book-drop bin next to the tree is a bit distracting – and if I’d waited until this afternoon, the light would have moved from the back to the front, but I got so excited that I couldn’t wait. Spring is on its way!


  1. Nice sketch! Glad spring is on the way somewhere...I think it is passing us by this year. lol

    You asked how I did the pattern on the painting of the beets. I used a stencil and painting through it, moving it around the painting. I learned that from Judy Morris who I took a workshop with once, and will be taking a workshop with again next month.

  2. Hee..hee....now you're just rubbing it in, Tina. Blossoms, indeed. I want to move to Seattle. Here, it's "warmed up" (the weatherman said) all the way to 0F today :-) Nice sketch in spite of all your caveats. --- Larry


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