Monday, October 6, 2014

Maples Across Green Lake

10/6/14 watercolor, Canson XL 140 lb. paper

I’ve sketched this same stand of maples at Green Lake many times in all seasons. Almost exactly a year ago, I sketched them in their full fall glory. For some reason, even though some trees were hinting at color by mid-August this year, most seem to have gotten a late start and are not yet up to speed, including these.

I usually sketch them in the afternoon from the path with the sun hitting their color. This morning they were mostly in shade, so I walked around the lake’s bend and sketched them from the other side. Just as I was wishing I had something in the foreground, two grebes obligingly floated by.


  1. Great sketch and I love the ducks. Our trees are going crazy with the color but few have dropped any leaves yet and we still got some green ones, which creates great contrasts.

    Cheers --- Larry

    1. Looking forward to seeing your sketches of fall trees, Larry!


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