Friday, January 17, 2014


1/17/14 Gel pens, Zig marker, Fabriano Studio
hot press 140 lb. paper
When I say the word “ramen,” what probably springs to mind is the cello-wrapped bricks of dehydrated noodles that cost about 10 for a buck (perhaps you survived your college dorm years on those). But that kind of ramen is a far cry from the kind you can get on every street corner in Japan: huge bowls of rich, steaming broth filled with green onions, bean sprouts and the meat of your choice (or tofu) and brimming with a pile of slightly curly noodles. You can get that kind at only a few places in Seattle, and Samurai Noodle in the University District is one of them.

On a cold, foggy, winter day, it was the ideal comfort food for me – not because my mom used to make it (she actually made me the other kind that comes cello-wrapped, and I confess that I still occasionally eat that, too) but because it’s a huge, steaming bowl of carbohydrates that warmed me through and through.

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  1. My mouth is watering from your description! Yum!!! My nephew is at college in Kanazawa and I know he is loving the ramen there (he ate it constantly at home too). Good sketch of the people and the tables!


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