Friday, January 10, 2014

Paper Revelation at Pike Brewing Company

1/10/14 Diamine Black Onyx ink, Strathmore 400 cold press 140 lb. paper
After sketching at the library, Kate, Lynne, Natalie and I walked over to the Pike Brewing Company for lunch and more sketching. I had just finished up a signature of Fabriano Studio hot press paper at the library, so I started a new signature – one that I had made into a 6-inch square format (6-by-12 spread), which I thought would be a fun change from my usual 9-by-12-inch rectangular spread.

I made this signature from Strathmore 400 cold press paper, which was the first 140-pound paper I tested back in August. At that time, I had determined that its cold press texture was too rough for a fountain pen nib, so I kept searching for smoother papers (which eventually led me to explore even hot press papers, which I had previously avoided). But here’s the revelation: Today I used my Pilot Metropolitan to sketch Natalie and Lynne in front of the brewery’s fascinating tanks and ductwork, and its nib floated nearly effortlessly on the Strathmore’s rough finish. A-ha! So maybe it’s not that the Strathmore kept snagging any fountain pen nib. . . it was only snagging the nib of my Lamy!

Other than my beloved Sailors, I’ve used practically nothing but Lamys since I began sketching. . . maybe I’ve been in love with the wrong pen all this time.

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