Thursday, January 24, 2013

St. James Cathedral

1/24/13 Platinum Sepia, Diamine Chocolate Brown inks, watercolor
I dashed into the Frye Art Museum to catch a small exhibition of fascinating works by Helmi Juvonen that I knew was ending soon. Unfortunately, the rest of the museum was in transition between shows, so there wasn’t much else to see.
Wanting to make better use of my trip downtown, I strategically parked my car in Frye’s lot so that I had a clear view of St. James Cathedral, or at least its towers, down the street. I heard that the Seattle Urban Sketchers would be sketching inside St. James next month, but I’m probably going to miss that ‘crawl, so I’m happy that I got to sketch at least part of its exterior.


  1. I really like your sketch, Tina. You've developed an interesting style.

    Cheers --- Larry

    1. Thank you, Larry! I'm happy to hear you say you are seeing a "style," as I'm never sure what my "style" is, but I'll be happy if I have one! ;-)

  2. Excellent sketch.



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