Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grinning Like Teenagers

1/2/13 Nero pencil, Conte, S & B Epsilon sketchbook

This sketch was done from a photo that was taken shortly before my parents were married in 1938. Always interested in photography, my father had a self-timer on his camera (probably a fairly high-tech gadget back then), so he took the photo himself. They are both grinning like teenagers, probably in response to a joke my dad had just made as he came running over to face the camera. He is wearing a very fashionable suit that was definitely not the way he dressed by the time I was part of their lives 20 years later.
It’s good to look at photos like this now and then to remind myself that they were people before they became “my mom and dad.”


  1. Good sketch! I enjoy seeing photos from the past. It makes me smile at how fashionably dressed they were when they went out.

  2. Thank you, Joan! Yes, they got dressed up just to go shopping! ;-)

  3. I think one did so in 1938. It was a more formal time. Nice sketch. It has personality. Your comment about how they were people before reminded me of my favorite photo of my mother. She is wearing horse riding clothes, not formal as in a "habit" but jodhpurs and boots. I'll have to sketch that!


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