Friday, December 28, 2012

What Do Bird-Watching and Car-Sketching Have in Common?

12/28/12 fountain pen, Diamine Eclipse ink, Zig and Pitt markers, Hand Book sketchbook
It’s starting to feel like when I sketched 100 self-portraits or 100 hands. As long as I’ve assigned this task to myself of practicing drawing cars, I’ve got to find ways to make the exercise more interesting.
I have a few sketcher friends who are birdwatchers. Although I’m not a birder, I love sketching birds, and when I listen to the birders talk about small details – the angle of a tail, the shape of a wing, the “eclipse” plumage – that help them identify various species, it reinforces the obvious fact that the more I know and understand about what I’m sketching, the more informed my observation will be, and the better my sketch will turn out. Conversely, the more I observe and sketch birds, the more I’ll probably learn and understand about them, and the more I’m likely to appreciate them.
I don’t give a rat’s ass about this truck I sketched at Green Lake this morning. But I have to admit that I observed some lines and curves on it that I had never noticed before about this type of truck or any other. I don’t know enough about this “species” to identify it, but I think if I were to sketch another one just like it, I would probably remember that I had sketched it before.
Will this close observation of detail eventually lead me to better appreciate cars and trucks? Probably not. But I’ll settle for better sketches of them.


  1. I think when we so a series of sketches on the same topic we just become more aware. That's a good thing! Nice sketch!

  2. Great post, Tina. Nice truck sketch too. Vehicles are just like most things in our world. Until we draw them we don't really see them. For myself, I can draw cars just fine. I just wish I could get someone else to draw the tires for me as I can't get them right to save my soul. Maybe I should draw 100 tires :-)

    Cheers --- Larry

    1. Drawing 100 tires... now THAT task would require creativity to keep it interesting! ;-) Thanks, Larry!


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