Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gage Drawing Jam

12/1/12 "The Seattle Sketcher;" Ultra Black ink
What a blast! Gage’s 13th annual Drawing Jam was more fun than I could have ever imagined! 
Although I had heard from many people – including casual sketchers, professional artists and even a model – that it’s a day of total fun, I still went with some trepidation. For one thing, I knew that it gets really crowded, with everyone jostling for space. Anticipating that, I went early, figuring the crowds would be a bit thinner in the morning. I told myself that if it was too intimidating or difficult, I could just leave.
12/1/12 "Elvis;" Private Reserve Ultra Black ink, Zig
But as soon as I got there, I forgot all about my trepidation. I wandered around from room to room, where studios were set up for a variety of models, both clothed and nude, demos by instructors, a space for kids, still life setups, a self-portrait studio, and more. Live music was playing in all the life drawing studios. And piles of art supplies – pencils, pastels, paper, sketch pads, erasers, pencil bags and more – donated by just about every art supply store in Seattle, were free for the taking.
12/1/12 "Ben Franklin;" Ultra Black ink
I happened to peak into a studio where “Ben Franklin” was posing in what turned out to be the Stars of Seattle room. Spotting a small space that I could fit into (it helps to have a sketchbook instead of an easel), I worked myself into it. Then I was hooked!
Catching the tail end of Ben Franklin’s (AKA Greg Robin’s) pose, I only sketched his face. But next up was the Seattle Knight (Rich Van Meter) dressed in full medieval armor.
Following the Seattle Knight was the Seattle Sketcher! In an ironic twist, our model Gabi sketched us as we sketched him. And he gave each of us a free Stillman & Birn sketchbook!
12/1/12 "Seattle Knight;" Ultra Black ink, Zig marker
For a lunch break, Peggy and I went over to the auditorium (I had a delish grilled cheese sandwich from the Gourmet Monte Cristo food truck, one of several food vendors onsite), where several models posed simultaneously from multi-tiered scaffolding. Instead of the models, I decided to sketch members of Sketchy Band, a bluegrass group.
When I went back to the Stars of Seattle studio, I caught the end of an hour-long pose by the Seafair Pirates, so I only had time for one pirate. My last sketch was of Elvis (Mike Geier), whose shiny, sparkling suit was a shading challenge.
The admission to Drawing Jam was $10, and although I left after six hours, I could have stayed for the full 12 (next year I might organize my life better and do just that). That’s got to be one of the biggest bangs for the drawing buck in town. Did I mention the free art supplies?
Gage Drawing Jam rocks!
12/1/12 "Sketchy Band;" Black Velvet ink
12/1/12 "Seafair Pirate;" Black Velvet

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