Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lamys in a Screen-Centric World

12/11/12 Private Reserve Black Velvet ink, S& B Gamma sketchbook
I nearly jumped out of my skin when he started speaking to me (when I’m engaged in a sketch, I startle easily). The young man sitting at the next table noticed the pen I was using and spoke with animation. He told me that he was relatively new to fountain pens, but now he can’t imagine going back to “ordinary” pens. He had an apple green Lamy Safari like mine, as well as a few others, which he pulled out to show me. Not to be outdone, I showed him mine. We chatted about our favorite inks and being hooked on samples from the Goulet Pen Company. He even opened his pocket notebook to show me some inks he had been trying.
“I like hand-writing so much that I sort of resent having to write on the computer,” he said, gesturing dismissively at his laptop.
His comment warmed my heart. There’s still hope in this screen-centric world.


  1. Fun sketch of the guy at the computer.

    I love how fountain pens and inks are so in style now!!! Great that you could share what you like.

  2. Great sketch using your fountain pen and what an exciting conversation too! Fountain pens rule and I recently tried out Noodler's Lexington Gray ink, it's now become my go to ink for sketching.

  3. Thanks, Joan and Jude! I'm excited, too, about the renewed popularity of fountain pens. It's a nice backlash to the recent trend in elementary schools not teaching cursive writing anymore!


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