Friday, July 20, 2012

Overcast Exuberance

6/18/12, Copic Multiliner SP pen, watercolor, Hand Book sketchbook
I had 15 minutes to fill before my yoga class, so I dashed into the Green Lake Starbucks for a new Cool Lime Refresher (OK, I’m a sucker for marketing; so shoot me) and went up to the café’s rooftop patio. On that overcast afternoon, it was nearly deserted up there. After five days in the Midwest with temperatures near 100, enhanced by high humidity, all I could think about was how happy I was to be back in Seattle. I sketched this planter box of flowers as nothing more than an expression of my exuberance to be back under overcast skies. Hallelujah for clouds and 67 degrees! Hooray for not sweating! Seattle, I will never leave you in the summer again!

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