Saturday, July 7, 2012

Boston in Bronze

7/5/12, General Hooker. Copic Multiliner SP, watercolor

7/3/12, Ben Franklin. Copic Multiliner SP, watercolor

Boston is an impressive city of history, culture and architecture – where does a sketcher begin, especially when that sketcher has only a few days? I decided to focus on statues and sculptures, many of which there are on any downtown street. Getting up early each morning while family members slept in, I would hit Starbucks first for my grande, then seek out a stately bronze. I discovered that statues are challenging studies in both perspective and figure drawing. Unlike live models, however, statues never tire or walk away.

The statue of General Hooker mounted on his horse was a particularly challenging exercise in sketching a foreshortened figure from where I sat on a bench, looking straight up.

7/5/12, Boston Irish Famine Memorial. Copic Multiliner SP
7/4/12, Josiah Quincy. Copic Multiliner SP

7/6/12, Boston Irish Famine Memorial. Copic Multiliner SP, watercolor


  1. Excellent! Especially General Hooker from below. You got the shadows and the light areas down VERY well. Good observing!

  2. Thanks, Jan! The General is an imposing figure to observe.


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