Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Mini Review: Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 Colored Pencils


Set of 18 Stabilo Wood 3 in 1 water-soluble colored pencils

My purchase of the full set of Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 Colored Pencils is the direct result of Instagram “influencers.” Not that it’s the first time it has happened, but it’s convenient when I know exactly who to blame. It was Suhita Shirodkar and Nina Khashchina, who often sketch with Woodys and were talking about them on Suhita’s post. And then Virginia Hein jumped onto the thread, commenting about how much she loves Woodys, too. Of course, I had to add my two bits about the Woody Duo pencils I had recently discovered, and suddenly I started feeling like the few random colors I had of the non-Duo Woodys just weren’t enough.

A much better container than the flimsy box.

Made in the Czech Republic like the Duos, the set comes in a long, flat, flimsy cardboard box (above). Once opened, an equally flimsy plastic tray slides out, containing the pencils. I don’t tolerate pencil storage like that, so I immediately put them into a plastic food storage container that’s much easier to store and grab from.

Since these solid-colored Woodys are the same as the Duos I reviewed previously, I don’t have much to add to this review except to show color swatches for the 18 included in this set. Although this was the largest set I could find, smaller sets include some colors that are not included in this one (which makes me think a larger set with all colors must exist somewhere). To my surprise, they are also available open stock as singles and in threes. Thats unexpected for a kids pencil.

A sharpener that accommodates these ultra-chunky pencils is included.

Swatches made in Hahnemuhle Akademie sketchbook

My two Earthsworld portraits show the pencils both dry and activated. As all of us on Suhita’s thread agreed, the Woodys are so soft and thick that it’s impossible to get precious and picky with details and fine lines. In yoga, we talk about the “counterpose,” which stretches muscles in the opposite direction of the pose previously taken. Woodys are an ideal counter-pencil when I’ve been doing precious, picky drawings with traditional-size graphite or colored pencils.

9/17/23 Stabilo Woody in Hahnemuhle sketchbook
(activated; Earthsworld reference photo)

9/24/23 Stabilo Woody in Uglybook (dry;
Earthsworld reference photo)


  1. It seems 18 is the largest set; you want the additional 6 pastel tones

  2. I love these. I'm inspired -- I just was gifted a set of watercolor pencils.


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