Thursday, August 22, 2019

Piano at Phinney Park

8/16/19 Alexander Olsen performing at Phinney Park

A few years ago, I had fun sketching Pianos in the Parks, an annual summertime event in Seattle neighborhoods. Then it fell off my radar, and I forgot about it. A chance glance at a newspaper photo last week reminded me that the program was still going on. In addition to the usual art – local artists paint or otherwise decorate the heavily used, donated pianos – the program now includes scheduled concerts by local pianists.

I decided to check out the concert at Phinney Park last Friday. The noontime concert was lightly attended (OK, I was the only audience member for most of it), but I thoroughly enjoyed Alexander Olsen’s lively mix of jazz, jazzed-up Beatles tunes and other classics. He said that the piano had a few “dead spots,” but he didn’t mind, and I didn’t notice.


  1. Well done. I remember when we sketched a concert in Pioneer Square/Occidental Park. and there was also one of the pianos there.

  2. That's great that the event is still going on. Nicely sketched!!


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