Saturday, July 7, 2018

Stringing Fiber

7/5/18 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Comcast is back in the ‘hood. I got excited when I saw a truck pull up towing this large spool of cable. No sooner did I start to draw it (you can see a few ghost lines at right) when workers unhitched the spool, and the truck drove away. It’s OK, though . . . an urban sketcher is always prepared to stop.

When I went back the next day, I caught the team in action. It took two men and a lot of grunting to push that heavy spool. 


A couple of hours later, I heard some commotion outside, and the Comcast team was at the pole right outside our bedroom window! I started to draw the guy in the cherry picker (you can see his ghost at the top of the page), but he was too fast for me. I ran out onto the deck as the truck moved down the street, and I was barely able to capture this much before it was out of sight. They’re busy stringing lots of fiber in the Maple Leaf neighborhood.

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