Sunday, July 8, 2018

Hungry and Fast

6/29/18 raclette maker

Unlike many urban sketchers, I rarely sketch my food. I may be a fast sketcher, but when I’m hungry, I eat. I do, however, enjoy sketching whoever is making my meal – or even someone else’s meal.

Farmers market season is in full swing, and we’ve been trying to take advantage of the neighborhood markets whenever we can, especially around meal time. Last week at the Phinney market, we spotted a vendor that was new to us, Fire & Scrape, making raclettes. Apparently raclette comes from the Swiss French term meaning “to scrape.” A chunk of cheese is heated slowly, and the melted layer on top is scraped onto a pile of potatoes or veggies. This vendor was so fast that I had to put my speediest sketching skills to work!

A few days later at the Ballard market, another new vendor caught my attention with a surprising food combo: Brothers Famous Ramen & Tacos. It was a tough decision – I love both ramen and tacos – but I opted for ramen, which fortunately took a little while to prep. But notice how one of the three condiment bottles doesn’t have a top? That’s because he called my name – and when my food is ready, the sketch is done.

7/1/18 Grilling veggies for my ramen

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