Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Long Shadows, Bright Sky

2/26/18 Wedgwood neighborhood

After Sunday’s crazy hailstorm – pea-sized stones pelted us for nearly half an hour! – it was surprising to see sunshine and blue sky the next day. Still, the temperature was only in the mid-30s, so I stayed in my car again, marveling at the long, long shadows even at high noon.

It’s no longer pitch when I wake, and there’s still some twilight left when we sit down to dinner. But this winter stuff is getting old. Who’s ready for spring?


  1. Great composition of blue sky and long shadows! Love your simplicity of sketch!!

  2. Thanks, Ujjwal! Gotta grab the shadows when I can! :-)

  3. Blue Water color effect?

    Cool i really dig it

    Alejandro From Erasables

    1. It's water-soluble colored pencil! Here's the how-to:


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