Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mallow Plant

4/30/16 ink, colored pencils
A neighbor up the street has an amazing jungle of a garden filled with beautiful exotic plants. On my walk this afternoon, I was attracted to some huge plants near the sidewalk with broad leaves that looked like they were covered with frost. As I sketched one, another neighbor taking a walk came by and told me it’s a mallow plant. I tried Googling for images to see if I could determine the variety, but there are lots of them, apparently. I could just barely see a few tiny spots of yellow where the blooms will be one day soon.

A little less exotic was this Kymco scooter parked on the street. With Texas plates, it must have had a long ride to Seattle!

4/30/16 brush pen, white gel pen

1 comment:

  1. It took me a while but I am enjoying your sketches in the red book. Super cycle!


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