Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Elvis Sighting at West Seattle Junction

4/19/16 inks, watercolor, colored pencil
Just about two years ago I sat outside Easy Street Records and CafĂ© to sketch the view of multiple construction cranes on California Avenue Southwest. I hadn’t been to the West Seattle Junction since then, so I was curious about what I could sketch from the same spot this morning. But nothing there caught my eye, so I wandered around the corner to Southwest Alaska Street. A tall fir shot up into the sky like a lopsided rocket, although this time the utilities couldn’t be blamed for the asymmetrical pruning job.

Back on the busy intersection of California and Alaska, I stood in the shade of a bank’s awning to sketch the lively shadow pattern cast by a tree. Looking for one last sketch before Greg was scheduled to pick me up, I glanced across the street and saw – could it be? Yes – Elvis, waiting for a bus!

4/19/16 brush pen

4/19/16 brush pen, white gel pen

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