Wednesday, April 15, 2015


4/15/15 DeAtramentis Document Brown ink,
watercolor, Caran d'Ache Museum colored pencil,
Canson XL 140 lb. paper
I apologize in advance if this seems disrespectful of an icon intended to comfort the grieving, but the whole time I was sketching the angel statue, I kept wondering if she had been designed in the ‘70s: It’s that flipped-back Farah Fawcett hairdo. Back then, I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror with a curling iron trying to get my hair to do that, so I’m very familiar with the look.

Still chilly in the shade, Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park (where I’ve recently sketched a couple times) was quiet. With my back to the sun, bright sky above, and huge, fluffy, white clouds slowly drifting behind the angel, it felt like a sketcher’s heaven, indeed.

P.S. Below is the scene I’d really like to sketch someday, but I’m confounded by it. How do I indicate all those white grave markers without drawing or painting every one of them? And the pattern of those parallel rows on a slight incline . . . whew. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But someday.

Yes, MiataGrrl took the top down!


  1. Love the sketch of the Farah-angel!!! We've gone many times to cemeteries to sketch and I don't find doing that disrespectful. Looks like a great down weather. I wouldn't know where to start with all those headstones.

  2. To be Farrah there has to be a bathing suit :-) I'm hoping to find the time to sketch a bunch of the statues here this summer. We seem to have them from all over the world as well as local heros. Come to Quebec City, sketch statues of De Gaulle, Ghandi and Confuscius :-)


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