Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Brazil, Part 2: Architecture and the City Scene

8/26/14 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolors,
 Caran d'Ache Museum pencils,
Canson XL 140 lb. paper
(Pousada do Ouro courtyard, Paraty)
You know I’m not a fan of sketching architecture, my persistent sketching nemesis. But even I was inspired by the lovely colonial buildings and colorful doors and windows of Paraty. My favorite architectural sketch of the whole two weeks is the one at right of the hotel where we (and all of the symposium staff, it turned out) stayed in Paraty, the Pousada do Ouro. This courtyard showing some of its brightly colored windows and doors is emblematic of Paraty’s charm.

Rio, too, was full of majestic architecture, but there I was more taken with the overall city life rather than individual buildings. After spending all day at one major tourist attraction or another (more on those later), I looked forward to coming “home” to our hotel neighborhood and sketching ordinary folks hanging out in parks and squares.

(For more sketches as well as photos from my Brazil travels, see this Flickr album.)

8/27/14 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, Museum pencils, Canson XL (Paraty)
8-30-14 watercolor, Moleskine watercolor sketchbook (Santa Teresa, Paraty)
This is only the portion that would fit on my scanner. To see a photo of the
whole sketch in this landscape-format sketchbook, see my Flickr album.
8/31/14 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, Canson XL
(Igreja de N. Sra. do Rosario, Paraty)
9/1/14 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, Canson XL
(Ruo do Comercio near the bridge, Paraty. This was my farewell-
to-Paraty sketch just after sundown.)
9/1/14 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, Canson XL
(back view of Igreja de N. Sra. do Rosario, Paraty)
9/4/14 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, J Herbin Vert Olive ink,
Kuretake brush pen, Canson XL (Sao Bento Monastery, Rio)
9/1/14 Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi, Diamine Grey, J. Herbin Vert
Olive inks, Zig marker, Museum pencils, Canson XL
(near Theatro Municipal, Rio)
9/5/14 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink, Take-Sumi, Museum pencils, Canson XL
(men playing cards at Largo do Machado, Rio)
9/7/14 Take-Sumi and Diamine Grey inks, Museum pencil, Canson XL
(sketched from a cafe on Rua de Catete, Rio)
9/7/14 Platinum Carbon and Diamine Grey inks, watercolor,
Museum pencils, Canson XL (my farewell-to-Rio sketch at Largo do Machado Square, Rio)


  1. Sketching architecture may be your nemesis, but you did a great job on all of these buildings. Was that 4th one down done directly in watercolor? Except for the lamp I don't see any ink. I love that first one of the colorful doorways, which really captures the look of Paraty that I kept seeing in all the photos that people were posting. I saw some of these on Flickr but it is different being able to read your commentary too.

    I missed seeing Mark on Saturday to hear his stories about the trip, and by the time I get back from my trip he will think it is old news. lol

  2. Isn't it fun to be surrounded by an area so totally different! You must have sketched every awake moment to end up with so many treasures.

  3. I like your sketch of the hotel also. You certainly tackled and wrestled to the ground that architecture nemesis!


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