Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Sketchbook Bound

On the covers of the June sketchbook are the enormous and elegant Echo sculpture and the Maple Leaf water tower.

With my change in binding format from a three-sheet to four-sheet signature, this sketchbook contains 80 pages instead of the former 72, but I filled it more quickly than usual. Ah, summer!

Although I enjoy having more double-page spreads per signature, which was the impetus for the format change, the thicker signatures are more difficult to bind, and this book’s binding feels more wobbly and not as strong as previous books. I’m considering going back to the three-sheet format. In theory, hand bookbinding enables you to have any type of book you want; in practice, the chosen stitch or technique has structural limitations.

Even when what I learn goes against my favor, I love learning from this process! (Which is something I also say every time I make a sketch.)

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