Tuesday, February 25, 2014

That Big, Bright Thing in the Sky Makes an Appearance

2/25/14 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink, Sailor pen, Canson XL 140 lb. paper
The sun came out this afternoon, so I headed for the zoo! Unfortunately, many of the exhibits were still closed for the winter (those residents are probably still snoozing in warm, dark dens), so I took a brisk walk around the grounds to keep warm and see who was awake and lively.

Did someone say awake and lively? In the Adaptations exhibit, the meerkats were curiously running to and from the window and to look at us. Next door, I found several Indian fruit bats (also known as flying foxes) hanging out. Most of them had their leather-like wings wrapped tightly around them, vampire-style, but one seemed to be napping with wings partially outstretched.

2/25/14 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink, Sailor pen
Two years ago and again last year, I sketched the huge Komodo Dragon in its entirety, so today I focused on its scaly right paw and scary claws.

It was a short visit – despite the sun, I was chilled to the bone – but it felt fabulous to sketch outdoors again. Could spring be on its way, after all?

2/25/14 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink, Sailor pen

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  1. These are wonderful! Don't you just love the stance on the meercats? Love the way you textured the arm of the komodo dragon!!! I don't know what your temps are like but there is nothing worse than trying to sketch when you are chilled to the bone. Bravo for braving the cold!


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