Friday, June 8, 2012

Pelicans at the Marina

6/4/12, Tombow markers, Hand Book sketchbook
While the rest of my party continued to chat and digest the luscious buffet brunch (including chocolate fountain!) at Shanghai Red’s Marina Del Rey restaurant, I slipped away for some quick sketching. Along with gulls, a number of more unusual birds hung out at this marina, including lots of pelicans and some smaller, white, long-legged birds that resemble sandpipers.

Later I discovered that Monica had also slipped away from the brunch to photograph the marina (and me sketching).
Photo by Monica Dupre

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  1. I've been catching up on what I missed here. Great job on the birds at the marina. I'm glad you wander away from your group and sketch. That is a great thing to do. I hope to get out to see the Getty Museum at some point, maybe when I go out for my nephew's wedding later this year. Nice sketches!!!


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