Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hands in Action

3/22/12, Akashiya Thin Line, Hand Book sketchbook

My difficulty in sketching hands I saw in coffee shops prompted me to give myself the assignment of drawing my own hand 100 times. Lately I’ve been going back to the original challenge by trying to draw other people’s hands (usually typing, mousing or holding a book or coffee cup). Sometimes drawing the hand attached to the person made the task all the more difficult, so to get further practice, I simply detached the hands in my sketchbook.

3/29/12, Akashiya Thin Line, Hand Book sketchbook


  1. Such a task you've set for yourself! Hands (and heads) are generally agreed upon to be the most challenging human body parts to draw. (I think this is because they are the most "expressive" and the most individual.) I did an Amazon search for "drawing hands" in Books and got over three thousand books! Whew!

    1. Hi Jan! Yeah, I guess I'm an art masochist. My drawings of hands are getting a little better, but only once in a while. Drawing hands over and over does make me appreciate all those tiny bones and muscles even more.

      - Tina


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