Friday, November 18, 2016

Urban Sketchers L.A. in Santa Monica

11/13/16 Copic brush pen, colored pencils, ink

Back from the scorching desert, I’ve returned to winter! BRRRR!

While visiting family in L.A. last weekend, I had the fun and good fortune of sketching with soon-to-be-official Urban Sketchers Los Angeles. On a gorgeous, blue-sky day that was a welcome respite to Seattle’s drizzle, we met at Santa Monica Pier, a popular attraction that draws both locals and tourists alike. I had my pick of lots of fun sketching subjects – crowds of people, colorful tents and food stands, a Ferris wheel and historic merry-go-round – but I knew I couldn’t leave L.A. without sketching lots of palm trees.

11/13/16 brush pen, colored pencils
I found myself spending quite a bit of time just soaking up the sun and the festive atmosphere of the beach and pier. When I finally settled down to sketch the carousel, it was almost time for the meetup, so I didn’t get to finish, but I still enjoyed seeing the details of the colorful vintage horses.

I know I say this every time I have this kind of opportunity, but I think the single best thing about Urban Sketchers is that this worldwide network makes it so easy to sketch with others, no matter where I travel.

Stay tuned for my report on the main part of our itinerary – Joshua Tree National Park! 

In other news: While I was out of town, my first guest product review went live on the Well-Appointed Desk, the very popular stationery blog by Ana Reinert. I’ll be contributing more guest posts in the future, so take a look at this classy blog for pen, pencil, paper and art supply geeks!

My thanks to Shiho Nakaza (center) and Virginia Hein (right) for organizing
a fun sketch outing with USk LA!

Urban Sketchers Los Angeles (not quite official, but soon!)

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  1. I would have to sketch some of the palm trees too. Love how someone is holding a colorful umbrella. It is great that you got to sketch with another almost official urban sketchers group.


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