Monday, July 29, 2013

Green Lake Park

7/29/13 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, water-soluble colored pencils, Zig markers
As a frequent Green Lake walker and park visitor, I see this view often, and I’ve sketched it a few times, too. But I usually end up painting a mass of green trees that looks too dark. Today I took a cue from mixed media sketcher extraordinaire Inma Serrano and grabbed a couple of water-soluble colored pencils. And I also took a cue from both Inma and another mixed media sketcher diva, Lynne Chapman, and tossed realistic color to the wind. I don’t know if the sketch is better than previous attempts, but I definitely had more fun! (The benefits of the Barcelona Urban Sketching Symposium go on and on!)
Janine and Tina
P.S. Blog reader Janine was in town from the Bay Area, so we met for coffee to chat about sketching and life. It was great meeting you, Janine, and I’m inspired by your enthusiasm and passion for sketching!


  1. Good for you! You did a great job of keeping the lights on the tree trunks, and I like that you didn't necessarily do realistic colors. Thanks for the links to both blogs. I've been enjoying seeing what many of the participants at the symposium did while they were in Barcelona, and it is more fun to read about their experiences while seeing their sketches.

    I need to find my wc pencils and take them with me on my sketching outings. I always forget to look for them.

  2. It was great to meet you too, Tina. I am likewise inspired. The scans don't do justice to your beautiful sketches. Seattle is a lovely place and I look forward to visiting again. :0)

  3. I really like the blue in the trees!!


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