Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ivar Feeding the Gulls

6/27/13 Sailor pen, Diamine Eclipse ink, 100 lb. watercolor paper
After having lunch with a few friends at a waterfront restaurant, the morning’s drizzle had finally stopped. Walking to my bus stop on Alaskan Way, I passed Ivar’s Acres of Clams and the sculpture of “Ivar Feeding the Gulls.” Although I don’t eat many fish and chips anymore, I have fond childhood memories of dining at Ivar’s and tossing French fries to the gulls (which Ivar actually encouraged, much to the chagrin of other restaurants). He was a colorful local businessman and character.
“Ivar Feeding the Gulls” was sculpted by local artist Richard Beyer, who also made “Waiting for the Interurban” and other pieces of popular public art. While I sketched, numerous tourists came by to sit in Ivar’s captain’s chair and get their photo taken.
If you’re wondering what the gull is reaching for under the chair, it’s a clamshell running away.


  1. Love the sketch of the gulls fighting over typical. Nice job!

  2. Good sketch. I've been to that Ivar's and completely missed the statue!

    My husband and I were eating a quick lunch sitting on a seawall on Catalina Island, California. The gulls were trying to steal food. Husband put a take away cup of salsa a bit away and the bird stole it. Next thing we saw, it was washing it's beak in the surf!


  3. You must be getting very excited about Barcelona! :)
    And who knew there was a real Ivar of Ivar's Fish and Chips?


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