Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello Ink Box!

In general, I’m not prone to impulse buying. Whether the product is a pencil or a refrigerator, I do thorough research to increase my chances of buying a high-quality product that meets my needs. At the checkout stand, where specific products – candy, gum, tabloid publications, cigarette lighters, floss (what kind of person feels an impulsive urge to buy floss, I always wonder) – are strategically selected and placed to attract my eye while I have to wait, I rarely transfer a product from the display to my shopping cart. Rarely.
I’m not sure what happened yesterday at the Uwajimaya checkout stand. Maybe it was the precise combination of my weaknesses for bright colors, things that contain things (especially when the container has a transparent window) and nostalgia, but I found my hand transferring this product to my shopping cart: a metal lunch box with a transparent window containing a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser set (“Collectible Dispensers! For Ages 3 and Up”).
I have no need for a metal lunch box (transparent window notwithstanding), I don’t collect Pez dispensers, and I don’t eat Pez. (OK, I used to collect Hello Kitty, but that was a looooong time ago.) So why did I make this very impulsive purchase? Because I had a hunch that the lunch box’s dimensions were exactly right for storing my ink collection!
Note that there’s just enough space for one more bottle, which is going to be the bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi that I just ordered.
Every now and then, things in my life come together perfectly.


  1. Brilliant - I buy boxes of Ferrero Rocher because the plastic containers are perfect for storing paint tubes and the bigger ones are great as a stay wet palette for acrylics - and I get to eat the choccies too!

  2. This looks perfect for your inks! Good thinking!!! Love the sketches and the story of the little girl below!


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