Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hunkering Down

10/24/12 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor

Glum as the gray and drizzly weather, I knew a quick stop at the Woodland Park Zoo’s Willawong Station would cheer me up. I had recently picked up the zoo’s winter brochure, which highlighted all the places you can visit at the zoo without getting rained on – encouraging information for the long winter ahead. Other than staff putting up holiday lights, the zoo grounds were mostly deserted, and I had Willawong Station to myself. Inside, it always feels like a humid summer day, but the birds must have known it was cold and rainy outside. I’ve sketched the eastern Rosellas and cockatiels before when they were more lively; today they seemed to be hunkering down for a nap. Even so, their bright colors cheered me up.
10/24/12 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, Stillman & Birn sketchbook

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