Monday, September 17, 2012

Playing Tourist

9/17/12 Lamy fountain pen, watercolor

There’s nothing quite like showing around an out-of-town visitor to make one appreciate home. So today while we played tourist with our guest at Pike Place Market, I took in the ferries drifting by on Puget Sound, sniffed the fragrant flowers sold at the low stalls, applauded the fishmongers tossing salmon, sampled pepper jellies and experienced Seattle’s best with fresh eyes. Buskers, my favorite market sketching subject, were numerous this morning, where a “stage” could be found on every corner or open space.

9/17/12 Fountain pen

On the guitar was Bruce in the main arcade, while Frank fiddled across the street. Later, Frank’s space was taken by the piano player. As many farmer’s markets as I visited this summer, Pike Place is the only one where I could find a busker on piano.
Long live Pike Place Market!
9/17/12 Fountain pen, water-soluble ink

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