Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sixth Sketchbook Done

Here’s the sketchbook I finished binding today – my sixth. On the covers this time are reproductions of part of a sketch I did during my sketcher-in-residency at MOHAI and a bare tree I sketched just after the new year – one of many I’ve been sketching this winter.

Last August (ah, what a fond but distant memory!) when I first started bookbinding, I figured that I could leave my filled sketchbook signatures unbound until the winter doldrums, which seemed like a good time for binding. As it turned out, I didn’t like leaving unbound signatures lying around for long, so I’ve been binding them as I finish enough to make up a sketchbook. But I was right about winter being a good time for binding. Today it was beautifully sunny but only 22 degrees – an ideal day to look at the clear blue sky (such a treat here in the Pacific Northwest) from my window as I stitched the book.


  1. Brrr....isn't that a little cold for out there? These look so good the way you bind them and I love how you do the front and back covers.

    1. Thank you, Joan! Yeah, in the 20s is pretty dang cold for the Pacific NW! It was only 20 this morning when I got up.


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