Friday, February 21, 2014

Joan Miró at SAM

2/21/14 Private Reserve Velvet Black and Monte Verde Brown inks, Zig markers,
Canson XL 140 lb. paper
Joan Miró has always been one of my favorite artists for his bold use of primary colors and whimsical sculptures, so I was disappointed that we ran out of time and couldn’t visit the Fundació Joan Miró when we were in Barcelona last year. Then I heard that an exhibit of his work was coming to the Seattle Art Museum, so I decided we needed to see it right after it opened (rather than waiting until an exhibit was about to close, which is often what we end up doing). “Miró: The Experience of Seeing” (through May 26) is a wonderful collection of his paintings and sculptures from the last 20 years of the artist’s life.

Although I knew watercolors weren’t allowed in the museum, I had it in my head that markers were OK, so with Miró’s palette of primary hues in mind, I grabbed a few Zig markers on my way out the door. Thankfully, this sketch was almost done when a guard reprimanded me for using markers. I’m going to try to catch the exhibit again before it closes – but this time I’ll remember to bring colored pencils!

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  1. I remember seeing an exhibit of his work in NYC many, many years ago, and just loving it. I wonder if this exhibit will be traveling here. I'll have to check. It is funny how different museums have a different policy about art materials. When we were at the Brooklyn Museum recently they let us us anything. I usually try to remember to bring along my wc pencils so if I need to I can use them and add water later. Nice sketch...the person standing is a good reference for the size of the work.


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