Friday, October 2, 2020

Spoiled Again


9/27/20 tomatoes and squash

Our friend and neighbor Alice keeps spoiling us with the bounty from her garden. (How will we ever be able to go back to grocery store produce?) This time it was grape tomatoes, sweet, green Zebrina tomatoes and a Delicata squash. Bonus: Sitting on a purple plate, my still life was another study of the secondary triad and shadows on light objects, too. I think I could have kicked the Delicata’s shadows up a notch, but I’m a little shy about using purple for complimentary shading. But I have a lot of still lives yet to come.


  1. I almost bought a delicata squash today. This came out great!!!

  2. Purple is my go-to color for shading in watercolor, but I bet it might not work the same in pencil. I'm jealous of your squash. Our grocery store has been hit-or-miss with supply this entire pandemic, so all we've got this fall is acorn squash.


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